Soya Chunks

While we tend to associate all things soya – from sauce to tofu and tempeh – with China, you’d be surprised to know that India is actually one of the largest producers of soyabeans globally.

Cultivated largely in the heartland of the nation, Madhya Pradesh, soybeans are highly grown in our country and widely consumed, in the forms of organic soya chunks, soya wadi, granules and more. Soya nuggets are considered the vegetarian meat for many Indians who follow a vegetarian diet.

Soya protein is a well-known source of rich, quality plant protein. Organic soya chunks and soya wadi are not only an affordable source of protein that can help us meet our daily requirements, but they also promote better metabolic and digestive activity in the body. The goodness of proteins in soybeans helps in overall growth and development of children and adolescents, repairs tissue, builds muscle and renews cells. Moreover, soyabeans are at par with animal proteins like chicken, eggs and dairy products and are a great substitute for these animal-derived products for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and lactose-intolerant people.

Soybeans and soya products like organic soya chunks and soya wadi have a host of other health benefits, including their ability to aid both healthy weight gain and weight loss, due to the higher protein and fibre levels. They also contain nutrients and vitamins that help defend the body against colon cancer, promote cardiovascular health, improve metabolic activity in both men and women and help reduce some of the negative effects brought on by menopause.

Soya wadi also increases blood circulation, promotes bone health, decreases the risk of diabetes, improves digestion, and generally tones up the body, since it boosts satiety levels and keeps us feeling fuller for longer.

Soya chunks and soya wadi are made from soya flour that has been ‘defatted’. Defatted soya flour is just soya flour that has all of the oil removed from it. They are the byproducts of soyabean oil extraction and when left to dry, have a rough texture. When this dry product is dipped or submerged in water or any kind of liquid or gravy, the texture quickly changes to soft, spongy and even meaty.

This magical change in texture – to a tough, pleasantly chewy chunk – is why organic soya chunks are called “vegetarian meat.” Texture aside, the nutritional profile of soya wadi is on the same level as most non-vegetarian foods. In addition, soya chunks are versatile and can be cooked in a variety of ways, and have a flavour similar to chicken, meat and paneer curries.

Our VegPro soya chunks come in two sizes – a family-friendly pack of 225g gram pack, as well as the VegPro Chunks Pouch, which is just Rs. 10 for 60 grams. Each serving of our soya chunks are made up of 52% protein per serving, contain zero cholesterol, are low in calories and are all-natural and fat-free. We guarantee you won’t find a better or richer source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals!